Hello all fellow travelers on the road to self discovery!

How many of you would like to have a map of your Life’s Journey?

Have you noticed that the same issues come up in your life over and over, and you don’t know why?

Have you ever wanted a script to take through life so that you can navigate the ups and downs of this profound human journey?

I offer Destiny Readings and Transformational Coaching for illumination and empowerment.

The sacred science of the Destiny Cards is an ancient metaphysical system based on astrology, numerology and a deck of playing cards. There is an esoteric science behind the deck of playing cards that has ancient roots going back to Egypt.

This sacred oracle was hidden away for centuries by a secret mystical society known as the Order of the Magi and was not revealed again until 1893, in a book called ‘The Mystic Textbook’ by Olney Richmond. In the 1990’s it was more thoroughly developed as the Science of the Cards or “The Cards of your Destiny” by Robert Lee Camp.

Our soul’s purpose is revealed to us when we are born

With your Birth Card, based on your birth date, you have the main key that magically opens the door to knowing yourself on deeper levels. The Cards hold invaluable information that will help you realize the strengths and blessings that you are traveling your own unique path with, as well as the challenges you are learning to overcome. The Destiny Cards also help to guide you toward your highest expression and help you go forward into each next phase of your life.

Order of the Magi

Order of the Magi

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