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From the time I was 16, I have been interested in everything metaphysical. In seeking to understand myself and the world around me, I have explored many different spiritual practices and esoteric sciences. Of all the different metaphysical oracles, I have found the Destiny Cards the most inclusive and reliable.

I have been doing Destiny Readings for over 12 years and am a Certified Magi Counselor. I have studied with The Order of the Magi Grand Master, Robert Lee Camp, and am a member of the Magi Fellowship. In addition, I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. Over the last years 20 years, I have been practicing psychotherapy, holistic counseling, and directing a mental health program.

In developing my transformational coaching model I have drawn upon my combined experience of counseling others in a psychodynamic model, my spiritual practices, and metaphysical experience. Over the years I have discovered that there is invaluable information available through the Destiny Cards regarding each person’s: karma, challenges, personality traits, shadow expression, blessings, and what is desired to be transformed in this lifetime.

My approach is non-judgmental and gentle. I have guided my clients to some amazing results.

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Understanding Your Life Path
“I like this picture because it shows a path and the Destiny Cards are about understanding more about your Life Path and Soul’s Journey” – Suzanne

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