What is Transformational Coaching?

Q: What are your dreams and what keeps you from manifesting the creation of your deepest desires and highest expression?

A: Transformational coaching is looking at what the challenges are to getting what you want in life and then working on what you can do, spiritually, emotionally, physically, tangibly, mindfully, to move through these challenges and toward your heartfelt dreams and desires. Some of what I do in transformational coaching is the same as traditional psychotherapy. This can include looking at what you learned in your family, usually from a very young age, and letting go of the beliefs, rules and roles that have been driving you but are no longer serving you at this time.

By incorporating the Science of the Destiny Cards, I am able to guide your healing from a pragmatic perspective while also informing the work with avenues of deeper understanding that is often hidden or subconscious.

Each person is unique and will call forth different and perfect dynamics in the coaching. All avenues to personal growth are invited and honored.

Q: How is this service different from traditional psychotherapy or coaching?

A: The difference is the inclusion of the metaphysical/transpersonal realms that inform the work. There is an abundance of information that is available through my Destiny Readings that allows each person to get in touch with themselves on the deepest levels. This includes sharing with each person what their main challenges are to be understood and transformed in this lifetime.

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