Furthering Your Mastery and Understanding
In The Science Of The Cards

Beginner Level Books – For those who are ready to get started learning the system. These books are the place to start!

Order Cards of your Destiny!
Cards of Your Destiny
by Robert Camp 351 pages

The main book of this system that details the yearly readings, this new edition of the previous book, The Cards of Your Destiny, contains much more information on each year and 52-day period of a person’s life. Learn to do your own predictive readings using the most accurate system of divination ever discovered. With this book, anyone within a matter of hours, can learn to read their own destiny or the destiny of anyone they choose. All that is needed is the person’s birthday. This new edition adds the yearly Evironment and Displacement Cards, which are two of the most important cards of each year. Plus it has a special chapter with the significant years and cycles of life for each Birth Card that tell when important events and life changes will occur.

Order Love Cards!
Love Cards
by Robert Camp 367 pages

This is a great place to start in learning the Destiny Cards system and seeing what it has to offer you. This book gives in-depth descriptions of all the Birth Cards and Planetary Ruling Cards that can tell you all about your personal destiny in this lifetime. There is a special emphasis on the characteristics of each birthday as it applies to relationships, marriage, etc. Also the book presents a detailed and highly accurate method for doing a complete relationship reading between two people. This book will amaze you as you begin to explore all your personal relationships and see the patterns that lie between you and your family, friends, lovers and associates.

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Advanced Level Books – If you have mastered the art of card interpretation you are ready to delve deeper into this system. These books will teach you the ancient method of reading the cards.

Order The Advanced Oracle Workbook!
Advanced Oracle Workbook (PDF EBook)
by Robert Camp 115 pages
This book can be downloaded and then printed or viewed from your computer.
This book has the 90 Grand Solar Spreads and includes brief instructions on how to read them. Though not a substitute for the Advanced Card Workshop, it can get you started in using these spreads to do readings. Also includes instructions for finding the card for the hour of day. After purchase you will receive instructions on how to download this book as a PDF, which you can view or print out from your computer.

Order The Little Book of Seven Thunders!
Little Book of the Seven Thunders
by Robert Lee Camp
214 pages
$59.95printed and shipped to you. You also get access to the eVersion for one year.
$29.95as the read-only online eVersion that you can read for one year.
This is the book that initiates you into the mystical aspects of the Science of the Cards. For years Robert Lee Camp has been promising to write an advanced book that will explain all the advanced techniques in detail. Not only does he describe the essential roots of the system but also goes into great detail about the auspicious positions, yearly, seven year and other spreads and how they are derived from the Grand Solar Spreads.For those ready to understand the system from the ground up, this is the place to start.

Also included in this book are new descriptions of each of the 52 birth cards, written from the advanced point of view, showing their position in the Grand Solar Spread and its significance. This book is available printed or as an online read-only book that you can access for one year.

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