Personal Destiny Readings with Suzanne

I do readings by Skype, telephone, or in person.  My sessions are usually interactive and you are free to ask questions and give more information as needed.  Sessions range from 60 to 75 minutes.  Follow the instructions below for a free consultation.


Scheduling an Appointment

Fill out the contact page for requesting a free consultation and/or an appointment.
You will receive an email or phone call within 24 hours.
We will fill out the interview questions at that time and make an appointment.
Submit payment (Paypal, check or cash).
You will receive an appointment confirmation email.

You may cancel or reschedule a Personal Reading with 24 hours advance notice.


Individual Destiny Reading

Each person comes into life with a unique destiny to fulfill.  Based on your birthdate you will discover the following and more:

Your personality traits
Your karmic connections
Your interpersonal relationship aspects
Your challenges, what you are here to transform
Your hidden motivations
Your blessings, what comes easily to you
Timeframe for events-when should you begin and/or end a cycle?
Is this the year to start a job or end a job? Buy or sell real-estate? Get married?
When influences are favorable for expansion.

Sessions range from 60-75 minutes: $150.00
includes a recording of the reading and a copy of your Destiny Yearly Report


Relationship Reading

This reading will explain what the past life connections are that brought you together and are showing up to be corrected, continued or transformed in this life.  Along with these karmic aspects, there are other aspects that are affecting your relationship in the present.  By looking at your relationships from this perspective you become more understanding of yourself and others and this creates more insight and acceptance that supports your success. These are some of the things that you will discover in a relationship reading:

You and your partner’s personal challenges in relationship
Ability to understand yourself and your partner more deeply
How to have a more successful relationship.
Your past life and current connections and how they support or challenge you.

Parent-Child relationships, including:  insight into your child’s strengths, challenges and karmic destiny, and ways in which you can support your child to fulfill their highest expression.

Sessions range from 60-75 minutes: $150.00
includes a recording of the reading and a copy of your Relationship Report


Individual Destiny Reading Complete Package

1. Life Spread Reading, 60 minutes
2. 7 year/13 year reading with auspicious events coming up in your life, 60 minutes
3. One year reading—Your current year in detail, 60 minutes

includes a recording of the reading and a copy of your Destiny Yearly Report

Relationship Compatibility Package

1. Each individual’s destiny profile explained in detail,60 minutes
2. Relationship aspects, including past life karmic connections, are discussed, 60 minutes

includes a recording of the reading and a copy of your Love Cards Report

Destiny Card Reports

Life Report—Your 90 year life aspects complete with 13 year cycles and auspicious events. 40-45 pages


Destiny Cards Individual Yearly Report — This report gives you all of the cards laid out for your current year starting on your birth date.  Reveals information about your birth card, planetary ruling card, auspicious events, and what every 52 day period of the year has in store for you.  30-35 pages.



Love Cards Relationship Report — This report helps you to understand your relationships, whether romantic, familial or in business.  You will receive information about your compatibility and challenges and advice on how to work with these aspects for more success.  A relationship report is about 20-22 pages.


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