“You were so thorough and truthfully it was much MORE than I had expected. I believe that hearing the facts behind the cards and then relating them to the events in my life, it has been almost ‘freeing’ in a certain way. It has helped me to slowly stop fighting against things because of my need for security/stability/control and learn to risk more.

You have the GIFT of sharing your knowledge/intuition/training/experience in making a person feel better in their own skin. You are a healer, you complete the picture of understanding of oneself, and hopefully, that understanding about oneself can lead to integration of all parts and result in self acceptance and self love.”


“I absolutely LOVE Suzanne!! Her readings are insightful as well as pragmatic. She gives you information and tools to use in everyday life and lets you see a different perspective on how you are dealing with certain issues that keep recurring in your life. She can point out the how, the why, and perhaps, the way out of an unwanted path you are on.
I find it exciting and comforting to start my yearly solar return with a reading from her. That kind of sets me off on my journey with more insight and maybe a little more confidence :-) I also like that she is a licensed therapist with years of experience in the field. She is so passionate about her work and her readings provide another way to better understand yourself.”

Maddee Curran REALTOR, ABR
Prudential Northern AZ Real Estate
723 E. Gurley St.
Prescott, AZ 86301
Cell 928-899-0768
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“THANK YOU for a beautiful reading the other day!!! SOOOOOOO much of what you told me has been whirling through my heart and mind and inspiring me! in fact, when i left you i went to see my midwife. it was a case of something you spoke of during our session: worrying about health issues that aren’t real. Next time something like that comes up, i will try to remember to relax and stay in the moment, trusting my well~being. this is just one small piece of what i took away from our session. THANK YOU again!!!”

Elana Auerbach

“Suzanne has been an extraordinary guide, mentor and friend for many years. My path in life has not been an easy one and I have found great comfort and support in her wisdom and therapeutic skills. I am highly educated, as is she, and I have benefited greatly from her multifarious ability to view situations from all angles and give the correct and most compassionate advice. She has helped me through more than one crisis…including the loss of my entire family (father, mother and brother) and my beloved 16 year old cat, in a matter of two years.

Suzanne has a wisdom and presence about her that must come from deep within; she cares so much and wants to help so much, she is unlike anyone I have ever known. She is a beautiful person, inside and out. Suzanne is a truly gifted, spiritually motivated person. Meeting with her, even for just an hour, could change your life!”

Karen N

“A Destiny Card reading with Suzanne gives one a clear indication of upcoming events and shifts in one’s life. This insight is more clearly defined through the Destiny Cards than I have found through any Astrology reading I have had in the past.

The Destiny Card reading provides one with a greater awareness and understanding of one’s life path and enables one to view the present as well as the possibilities of the future with both a positive and constructive attitude and outlook.

A Destiny Card reading with Suzanne is definitely a worthwhile and rewarding experience. Suzanne’s skill at reading the cards is exceptional!”

Paul Gowack

“Before I worked with Suzanne I couldn’t see my blind spots and after doing my reading I became aware of my one-eyed Jack who is a fixed card and realized how hard I can be on myself and not enjoy the moment.

While working with Suzanne I became aware of when I do certain events I look for what didn’t work rather than the success of what is working so with the destiny reading and Suzanne’s brilliant intuition she has shown me how to work with this part of myself so I can be more and more in my brilliance. I am seeing this in everything I do from working with clients, friends and planning events.

After I worked with Suzanne I have a new awareness about my being fixed on a certain idea and giving it space to open to many possibilities and not be limited in the ways that I was before. I feel more open and aware of my blind spots and I can now witness them and shift them in positive ways.”

Barbara Gordon
Finding Authentic Relationships
Relationship Muse/Consultant
P: 510 917-0299
E: greecebarb@yahoo.com
E: vivaladivabg@yahoo.com
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Barbara Gordon

“Suzanne Gorham is a gifted and grounded reader of the Destiny Cards. Her reading laid out a deep and truthful road map, personally crafted to lead me closer to the home that lies within me. Suzanne creates a welcoming non-judgmental environment that allows for clarity and healing to come through. I highly recommend a Destiny Card reading with Suzanne for anyone who is wanting to understand the energies, qualities and challenges at play on their path.”


“I am very lucky to have a Destiny Reading with Suzanne every year. The readings are extremely helpful in guiding me through the ups and downs of life. I often review what I’ve learned from the readings and apply it to different areas and issues in my life. Suzanne is an intuitive, focused listener and imparts wisdom and kindness in all her readings. Her many years of work and training with Destiny Cards combined with her training as a counselor are both great benefits. Suzanne truly wants to help people live their lives in the best possible way and uses the Destiny Readings to bring more knowledge, spirituality, and joy to her client’s lives. Her readings have become an integral part of my life. I am very grateful for all the help and guidance they have brought me through the years.”

Laura S

“This is a testimonial for the Destiny Card Reading of Verona Garland by Suzanne Gorham. When I came to my reading, I had been feeling that my very life was on the precipice of change. All of the habits of my previous years felt outdated, spent, and seemingly useless. I was ready for the Universal Knowledge of my true existence.

Suzanne’s calming, professional Presence was a catalyst for the opening of my mind and heart to listen fully. Her compilation of past trends in my life, from the card readings, was absolutely in perfect correlation with my life. Her discovery of the similarities of two pivotal “lesson givers” in my life up until now was purely miraculous. Such a Radiant Light of understanding shone on my seemingly worn and tired heart. And now, the upcoming blessings of my life that Suzanne so eloquently shared with me from the Destiny Cards are flowing forth vividly,joyously,and exuberantly.

As new vistas open for me ,beckoning me to embrace my Life Purpose, I am prepared by my Destiny Card Reading’s loving exposure as well as my “take away packet” of information from Suzanne. My recommendation for all is to experience the Love, Wisdom, Clarity, Joy, and Excitement of Destiny Card sessions with Suzanne Gorham. Her truly compassionate expertise is a blessing to the planet.”

Love and blessings, Verona Garland

“A Destiny Reading by Suzanne is a memorable experience. It is obvious that she loves her work. Suzanne has a vast knowledge of the cards and enthusiastically imparts a huge amount of information, weaving a wonderful multifaceted story of the year to come.

Suzanne’s presence is compassionate, grounded and non judgmental – all the myriad facets of myself were seen and honored. I found the reading itself to be diligently prepared – linear in format yet wildly intuitive, full of practical wisdom as well as more esoteric insight.

There were certain ‘surprises’- among them a brand new way to look at a pressing concern. This helped immensely in actual day to day choices and responses, allowing me to relax about the entire issue.

I left the session with a packet of information as well as a CD of the session. I revisit both periodically and find that I always discover something new or freshly relevant.

I highly recommend giving yourself or a friend the experience of self-revelation with a gifted guide.”

Lynne Sgambati
Berkeley, CA
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist lynnesgambati.com
Certified Massage Therapist pathways-to-presence.com

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